Motolog Mileage Tracker

All-in-one car management solution

Car expenses, fuel log, gas mileage, fuel economy and GPS mileage tracker

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Motolog is a complete yet easy to use car management solution that will track for you fuel mileage, gas costs, fuel economy and car expenses.

Our mileage tracker includes hassle-free trip tracking that will automatically start, stop and pause your GPS trip recording.

Fuel log and recorded car expenses will help you keep your car costs and fuel consumption in check.

Reminders will notify you about important actions and services for your vehicle.



Just works - pair with your bluetooth car audio and forget. Detailed fleet usage statistics and PDF/XLS reports. When? Where? How fast?


Full overview of vehicles expenses. Multiple tags per expense item. As detailed as you want it to be.


Hassle-free entry creation. Designed with simplicity and swift interaction in mind.


Notifications about important actions regarding your vehicle. Triggered by either time or mileage.

Unique benefits

City and highway fuel economy

In addition to standard average fuel economy Motolog calculates fuel consumption in city and on the highway

Automatic car detection

Motolog can detect when and which car you drive and automatically track all your trips

Seamless import from other apps

You can import your past fuel log and car expenses from other apps

Shareable access

Multiple users contributing to one vehicle. Configurable access levels. Live updates across devices and collaborating users

Distance by Region (IFTA)

Mileage tracker calculates distance in each country or state and provides summary report for IFTA purposes

Top-class security

Security layer and infrastructure provided by Google. This means you data is super safe from both hardware failures and security threats